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curtains-54-x-63 curtains 54 x 63

curtains 54 x 63 – Buy a shower curtain in a design you like and which matches the style of your toilet – frequently shower curtains are the largest colored surface within this small room – so it’s important to get it all right. As Soon as You get your own shower curtain house, here is how to hang it properly

1. Lay out the Shower Curtain

Open the bundle and lay the shower curtain out entirely on the ground. Shower curtains often have two components (that you can buy separately). You can have an outer non-waterproof layer and an inner waterproof liner or perhaps you just have one watertight curtain.

2. Line Up the Eyelets

In case you have an inner and outer drape both will have eyelets at the top. In case you have two components then lay out the liner first. When there’s a wrong side and a right side then have the right side facing the ground. Then lay the outer drape on top together with the eyelets at the same end and with the right side facing outwards. This way you will see the best side on the liner whenever you are in the shower and the ideal side of the curtain whenever you’re in the restroom!

Line up the eyelets between both drapes so the holes match. In case you’ve bought shower curtains and liner separately and the eyelets don’t match up you will be better hanging the drapes separately and using a double (double track) shower rod or rail.

In case you have one watertight curtain then simply lay it out to the ground.

3. Insert the Rings

Insert one of them into each eyelet.

4. Hang across the Bathtub

Place the curtain rings on the shower curtain rod or rail which should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. (You don’t need the entire thing coming down to you in mid-shower).

The inner liner or solitary shower curtain needs to be set inside the bathtub as you shower to avoid water dripping onto the ground.

5. Following Your Shower

After you’ve showered open the drapes fully – pull them as far as they extent throughout the duration of the rod or rail so that they have a chance to dry – this will help prevent mould.

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